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A New Light Shed on The Mysterious ‘Beast’ or ‘Beasts’ of Gevaudan During The Last Decades of Ancient Regime France

The Background

Les Grands Jours d’Auvergne (1665)

This old French phrase is translated as the ‘Great Days of Auvergne’. The Auvergne is the province that covers the Central Mountains in which is included the Gevaudan area. At the Gevaudan is not yet at the center of the largest hunt that is our story but not until a century later. A Great Day would be equivalent to a Great Trial.


American Sculptor Anna Coleman Gave a New Life to the Disfigured Veterans of WWI With Their ‘Portrait Masks’.

Warning: this article contains graphic images that may be disturbing to some readers. Viewer discretion is strongly advised.

The background of a national disaster.

Toward the end of WWI, millions of soldiers were returning from the trenches, some of them bearing the terrible marks of trench warfare.

Before the Great War, facial wounds could certainly be life threatening but were still a lesser concern than infections, amputations and loss of limbs.

But the introduction of modern weaponry, such as heavy artillery, machine guns and poison gas, would change forever the military experience. The distance between opposite trenches was making the…

Was La Voisin the greatest poisoner of all times?

La Voisin in a Frontispice with snakes, evil and death by Antoine Coypel

The Affair of the Poisons was one of the biggest criminal conspiracies of all times. Poisoning was widely adopted amongst all classes of XVIIth Century France as a convenient and untraceable way to fulfill your dreams of riches, love and success.

The Story of La Voisin, Most Talented and Skilled Poisoner.

Catherine Deshayes Monvoisin, better known as La Voisin, was a Parisian personality with a snack for gory business. At the head of a network of poisoners, alchemists and fortune tellers, she killed for profit an estimated 1000 to possibly 2500 mostly rich people between 1670 and 1680. …

Swastika pattern at the Temple of Hadrian in Ephesus

Three German scholars — Jorg Lanz Von Liebenfels, Guido Von List and Rudolf Von Sebottendorff — played a major role in making the swastika one of the most tragically infamous historical symbols.

The first findings of the swastika

When Schliemann discovered the ruins of Troy in 1871, he also unearthed a symbol that had been a part of the ancestral culture of the societies of the ancient world: the swastika.

He found thousands of variations of swastikas in many archaeological digs around the world. To the ancients, the swastika seemed to be a symbol of luck and good fortune.

Similar designs had been observed on Germanic…


Melody now looked at the rocks in the distance, thinking of why she had come to join John a few weeks ago. They had planned a short trip in the Sierras to celebrate their reunion. John had spent a year in France with her, and now it was her turn to come spend time in the US with him. Hoping to celebrate her birthday in some secret place with John and keep a cherished remembrance of the event that she wanted to remain personal she pressed him to find a location known only of him in…

Keys to the galaxy?

The morning was quite propitious. The rain clouds cleared quickly on that April morning. I decided to go for a walk. The library building was at the corner and invited me for a visit. I went in. A few patrons were sitting here and there. After having checked out my favorite books I wanted to use the men’s restrooms. I checked the desk of the librarian but could not find the men’s restroom key.

I kept looking everywhere and still could not find the men’s restroom key. So I addressed the librarian in no uncertain terms.

“ Gill, for God’s…




Breaking News: Are the Koolman Industries Again Accused of Violating Space Workers Comp?

Is this Another Case of Space Labor Law blatant contravention?

The anchorman goes on the air followed by hundred of millions of faithful viewers of the most popular space news agency.

“Dear Cast Viewers,

We know from the stories that came in large numbers, from Triton to Artemise, that recent cases of Space Labor Laws violations are culminating in a Space Class Action Lawsuit of extreme proportions.

Let us introduce you to two cases that involved…

A Picture of the Bitwise 41, home of Hashtag

Why You Should Follow the Bitwise Business Model?

There is, in the Central Valley of California a hidden gem that deserves a lot more attention for the stunningly original business model it has developed over the years. At least it for sure just changed my productive life.

I would like to share a personal story that has recently brought a very enriching experience to my life, professional and otherwise.

This experience has been (and is) the Hashtag, a part of Bitwise Industries.

Bitwise Industries is based out of Fresno in the…

The Polish collector Voynich in his study

In a recently published article, a British Academic stuns claiming to have solved the centuries-old puzzle.

The latest claim to have successfully deciphered Manuscript MS408 a.k.a. the Voynich Manuscript has been made last month by Gerard Cheshire, an academic with the University of Bristol (and that claim has already been revised for inaccuracies). The manuscript acquired its catalogue code MS408 when it was acquired by Yale University and stored at its Beinecke Library.

It got its name from a Polish antiquarian book dealer, named Wilfred Voynich who purchased it in 1912. The strange, cryptic, written in an unknown language manuscript…

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